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Mother day! ๐Ÿ’”

Blogging Borderline Personality Disorder With Pride

Mother day! ๐Ÿ’”

So for those of you who have read my story (relapse – a relationship lost) you’ll have read how I haven’t seen my mum for about 4 years now. This brings me on to the challenges I’ve faced today and how I have dealt with the day.

Firstly, I love my mum. She is a king hearted, driven and generally nice person I do feel it was a shame we had to fall out this way and our stubborn personalities and the past would never allow us to have a future as mother and son again. I wish her no harm and i hope she smiles on a regular basis.

When I woke up this morning she was the first person i thought about, which really annoyed me because my Vick deserved a great day today and I quickly snapped away from my feelings and made the day about her. My mum has drifted in and out of my mind today with sadness but with smiles as well.

I try to remember how it was when we were solid and she literally would do anything for me. My anxiety has been a little high but coping by focusing my energy on Vick and Renae had really helped.

I think I’m pretty much done talking now, maybe this post was a way of telling someone how I have been feeling today but I do hope for those of you who are in the same or similar position to me , you stay strong, don’t relapse and like everything time passes these days.


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