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Blogging Borderline Personality Disorder With Pride

There is help available

Probably the most important place on this site is this page. It's important to get help no matter how good or bad you feel today. I've listed out some of the key services available to you and please get in touch if you find any other services that I have missed.


The first point of call (and how I engaged with services) was via A&E (accident and emergency) at my local hospital. They quickly identified I had, had a break down in mental stability and also was planning to commit suicide. I'm not saying that everyone must be in this position before accessing this service but what I am saying is that they are a great service which work hard to ensure mental health is a primary care topic.

In recent years the NHS have taken BPD more seriously as they realise how much of a serious impact this illness has on sufferers. If you feel like you are going to commit suicide or are planning suicide please call the emergency number of 999 for emergency assistance. 



The mind website is a great site for information around drugs and treatment and general information about the illness. The site also gives advice to to family members and friends of the sufferers which is really important to keep that network of supporters strong and informed on the best ways to help you.

Mind also discusses tips for everyday living and a further page for support and guidance thats available to people suffering. I really like the mind site, it's really easy to access and is very informative.


Addaction support adults, children, young adults and older people to make positive behavioral changes. Whether that's with alcohol, drugs, or mental health and well being, They are there to help people improve their lives in ways they never thought possible.

Addaction offer support for mental health sufferers, drinking problems, young persons and family and friends of addicts. 

As I mention in my blog I had a drink problem and also an addiction to cocaine. I can honestly say that Addaction kept it real with me, give me good advice and steered my in the right direction to get my life back on track.

Fathers 4 Justice

During my recovery I experienced the horrors of being told that I couldn't see my children. The quick realization that I had no rights to resolve this without going through a lengthy court process was shocking. 

Fathers for justice are a charity that offer help, support and advice for fathers who are being stopped from seeing their children. There is a also an online forum available for you to pop questions on and they can point you in the direction of legal advice were necessary and child arrangement orders.

They also have a continual blog so go and have a look at their site and I hope you find the help and support you need in this delicate area.