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Blogging Borderline Personality Disorder With Pride

Big Updates

Today has been a crazy day!! I’ve completed so many changes and finally brought myself to add the picture on this post. So I’ve updated the story timeline with a picture (won’t say too much), updated the motivation page with details around my personal hero Tony Robbins. If you don’t know who this guy is…
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Medication is a minefield for any BPD sufferer. To put it into context when I was originaΔΊly sectioned in hospital I was told that no two patients were the same and it may take months to find the correct concoction of drugs to stabilise both my mood and help me sleep. I tried a lot…
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Addiction – addictive personality

Hey friends, battlers and survivors! I wanna talk about addiction and the struggles of having an addictive personality. My personal battle has always been around the biggest trigger MONEY!!! in the past as I said I had a drug and alcohol addiction and I feel over the years this changed to a gambling addiction. Here’s…
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A logo!

So I made a logo for the site, it’s taken time but I’m really happy with. Let me know and comment below what you think!

Social media!

Hi my friends, battlers and survivors! So I’m really getting there with this site and the changes to the pages is coming think and fast! It’s funny as I update something, it brings back another memory and I think…..I gotta get that in! So the timeline is also always updating so be sure to check…
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Motivate yourself!

So I just started working on the motivation tab on my site! This is my favorite tab and I hope everyone can find some drive from these videos! My favourite speakers are Les Brown & Tony Robbins, both suffered hardship and have succeeded in life πŸ™‚ Enjoy and let me know what you think AND…
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My first post & welcome!

Hi! Thanks for taking time to look at my site and story! As you can see it’s not really finished yet and I’m working hard to get my timeline and other tabs full of info and great stuff for you too look at. Feel free to keep calling back and taking a look and hopefully…
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