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Anxiety – Public places!!!!

Blogging Borderline Personality Disorder With Pride

Anxiety – Public places!!!!

So I am currently sat in Euston train station surrounded by what feels like a million people.

It’s really difficult to get over the feelings of anxiety and right now it almost feels suffocating! I have a bad phobia of germs and the thought of people physically breathing near me makes me feel intoxicated.

So I am working through my various techniques

  1. Rationalizing thoughts – right now I’m trying to reassure myself that I’m being a little ridiculous but also accepting the fact that it is really busy!!! And probably quite normal to feel like this.
  2. Music – so I have my headphones on and I’m trying my best to drown out the noise around me and sort of ‘meditate’ in a strange way.
  3. Writing this blog post!!!! – so this blog has been so therapeutic to me of late, and the actual sharing of my past and present experiences has just brought me that much further than I ever believed I could go.

To note I did remember to bring my zopliclone and quitipeane with me for the journey home and hopefully it’ll be not long till I’m on the train home to Manchester!


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