Manchester, England

The Move To Manchester

The Move To Manchester


So after meeting Vicky and we had been together a while we really wanted to move in together. The flat was obviously too small for us and having the kids stay over so we started to look for housing. Now as anyone with BPD realises this is a life changing event and brings back a series of emotions. I was scared, anxious and feeling in a position to sabotage my relationship (as we do). We cracked on and started to look in Liverpool at first , pretty much the local area were the flat was. I was keen to move to Manchester however, I felt the clean break from the area was important (and the people around me) but also all Vickys friends and family were in Manchester (and she has a large group!) so this is important as I knew. Luckily we didn’t find anything in Liverpool apart from a really nice overpriced house!

So we started to look in Manchester and we took it very serious. We were viewing maybe 5 houses a week in good price ranges and we eventually found a place which was a perfect size, perfect price and great location. This would be our new home.

I’m going to talk about how the move made me felt and the actions I taken. I think this was one of the hardest times in my life. I had just got settled in my little flat and just got used to all the things that I couldn’t cope with before such as the loneliness and silence. I felt like I was dangling from a string, I felt like I was taking a massive risk with this move, I didn’t have much family as it was and to be moving 50 miles away was a massive challenge, not to mention being further away from my kids.