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Jasmines Challenge

Jasmines Challenge


So I can truly say this was one of the worst part of my life and defo a struggle for Jasmine. I never forget how I got the call to let me know my little girl was in hospital pretty much fighting for her life.

I had just started working at my second company in the IT world and everything was going great. One late Thursday afternoon around 4pm I was getting call after call for about 20 minutes from my ex’s family. I ignored them at first as I was due to finish in about 30 minutes so I thought whats so important!! I called back just before my shift finished and spoke with my ex’s mum. She told me that I needed to get to the hospital ASAP as Jasmine was in hospital on life support and they had found a tumor on her brain. I actually felt like my heart stopped! My head just span I couldn’t believe it.

How could someone just get a brain tumor overnight, there was not really any signs of this coming up. Jasmine had been previously sick randomly and she had some challenges trying to climb stairs or heights but it was so random. It wasn’t weekly or monthly just every now and again.

Any me and Vick got in the car and off we went. The journey from Manchester to Liverpool is around an hour trip, it felt like the longest drive and it felt like it just wouldn’t end. By the time we got there Jasmine was in surgery and they were removing fluid from her brain to ease the pressure in her head. I just felt sick and prayed and prayed that she would get better.

She came round after about a 3 hour surgery and she looked exhausted. The consultant came out and told us she was going to be fine and that he has seen this issue before in girls going through pubity. This being said we didn’t realise how hard the next few weeks would be for her. Basically she had cists on the tumor which were filling up with fluid and this was causing pressure on her brain. This effected her hormones and how her body was reacting to literally everything.

The original plan was to remove the cists, as the tumor couldn’t be removed as it was attached to her optic nerve and she would lose her sight. In the end Jasmine had around 24 hours of brain surgery, and also had two shunts fitted, one behind her ear and one in the top of her skull which drained the fluid of into her stomach when it built up. She also spent around 6 weeks in America getting proton treatment to stop the growth of the tumor.

To this day I couldn’t be prouder of her, she is trying to get on with life as a normal teenager despite needing to take medication on a regular basis. I pray that God continues to watch over her and she continues to live as normal life as possible.

Since the treatment she has had some issues, one of which was the shunt that was fitted blocking up meaning some more surgery to fit a new part.

There is so much more to Jasmines story but as I write this I feel the pain so I’ll come back and add to this part of my site.