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Becoming an IT professional

Becoming an IT professional


Ok so for around 3 years I was working towards becoming and IT professional. I had the qualifications, I had a role with Vodafone (previous post) but I didn’t feel like I was achieving my true potential. I actually didn’t know what I had to do, to become an IT professional. I went off and invested in an official Microsoft certification (MCSA), it cost me around £1,500GBP to complete.

This course give me a great insight into the level of knowledge needed to be an IT professional. My thoughts were that if I invested £1,500 and got a pay rise of around £4,000 this would be a great investment. This did happen!! In fact my wages have doubled in 3 years since starting at Vodafone and I am now the Incident Manager for a large gambling company, managing their business systems (such as HR and Payroll).

Right now I face personal challenges in my current role. The medication I take (as I am sure you are aware) makes me really drowsy and it’s such a challenge to just get up in the morning. Commuting around 2 hours a day to work and getting up at 5.30am every day really takes it out of me!

This being said, I can truly say now that I am an IT manager. I have had two promotions while working here and I continue to give my career everything I have. I try to learn inside and outside of work, and while people are sleeping I am making progress and learning new things.

To be the best you have to beat the best and thats exactly what I intend to do 🙂