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Addiction – addictive personality

Blogging Borderline Personality Disorder With Pride

Addiction – addictive personality

Hey friends, battlers and survivors!

I wanna talk about addiction and the struggles of having an addictive personality. My personal battle has always been around the biggest trigger MONEY!!! in the past as I said I had a drug and alcohol addiction and I feel over the years this changed to a gambling addiction.

Here’s the kicker…..I work for one of the biggest bookmakers in the world managing their online casino, ironic right!!!

Having extreme tendencies and an addictive personality is not only dangerous but really detrimental to those around me. I’m not going to lie I have literally spent ยฃ1000’s over the years and what I want to ask is do you have any good coping strategies to deal with this when you feel like your going to smash it. I’m pretty fed up with this addictive personality trait and it’s something that’s never seemed to leave me nor is it something I’ve managed to get a true handle on! I hope someone out there has great help for me and advice


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